Seattle Kitchen and Bathroom Carpentry- Residential Remodel Expert

Vic Steiner Carpentry & Handyman Services - "Where You Deal Directly with the Carpenter"

When you call Vic Steiner Carpentry, you will be talking to the carpenter himself, Vic Steiner.  With 35 years of experience in the construction field and 16 in the business, I can handle all of your remodeling and repair needs.  Do you have “handyman” jobs?  Call me and let's see if I can help.
“I build one job at a time.”
That means you can expect the contractor on the job every day from start to finish.  Also, “misunderstandings” in communication are eliminated because the salesman did not relay all of the information to the carpenter. 
“From concept or plans to completion”
Have an idea about how you want your project to look but don’t know where to start?   I can give you the information you need for you to decide how to build your dream. 
“Elegant or Practical” 
Vic Steiner will work with you to decide how “complete” your project should be.  Thinking of selling your home in the future?  That may affect your decision on how much you should do.  Planning to stay in your house?  That may affect your decision also.  Whatever the project, you can rely on straightforward, unbiased information.